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Natalie F. Windt - Your Friendly Marketing & PR Professional

I have always had a love for the written word, and for how words can move people to action. Marketing and Public Relations was a natural fit, post graduation from Chico State University in 2017. Upon receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Communications, I began work for a marketing agency called Social High Rise, where I use my enthusiasm for others dreams to promote their businesses and public well-being online. After three and a half years of agency experience, I've since moved on to work with the team at Butte College in public relations & marketing.

I am also currently on staff as the Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator for Stonewall Alliance Center of Chico. This position allows me to bridge my love for writing, with my passion for community activism. 

I am a results driven individual who values being part of a team environment. I appreciate being able to add to the conversation, and to take away valued feedback to help me grow as a professional and as a writer. It all goes back to those writer workshop days in college!


Fun Facts

  • Meyers-Briggs Personality Type: INFJ

  • Favorite Food: Fresh Spring Rolls with shrimp and extra peanut sauce.

  • Pet Peeve: Trying to listen to someone talk while a TV plays in the background.

  • Has appeared on radio, television, and podcast

  • Favorite Book: Jane Eyre

  • Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

  • Hobbies and Past Times: Jogging, prayer, self-publishing comics and zines, volunteering, time with family, live music, reading, drawing, journaling, pen pals, and coffee (that's a hobby and a past-time)