Resume & Certificates

Natalie Windt

Ongoing learning and growth in my work is something I value highly above all else. I am currently working on part 2 of Google Analytics and have also designed training materials surrounding Facebook Advertising.

HR Certificate.jpg

Human Resources Certificate

Why Human Resources? This past year has shown us all that we need to mind our blind spots in our private life, and in the workplace. Through completing a Certificate in Human Resources I became versed in the history of EOE, employment issues, and more. I also gained a healthy understanding of how to be a better contributor in the world of business.

Google Certification

Google Analytics Part 1 Certificate

Part 1 of a two-part crash course in Google Analytics. These courses are free of charge, and have offered me better insight as to how to use keywords to my clients advantage when creating content, as well as tracking website data for marketing benefits. 


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