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Many organizations feel overwhelmed when it comes to putting together an effective marketing campaign. That’s where I come in. To help illustrate and explain how I achieve measurable success for my clients, I’ve put together a selection of writing samples from projects that exemplify what I can do to attract more people to your brand.


World AIDS Day Campaign

For a non-profit organization

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. Today we’d like to invite you to learn a bit more about the history of HIV and AIDS.

This year we lost pioneering AIDS activist Larry Kramer. Kramer was one of the first civilians to actively alert the public to a growing health crisis. As Kramer watched friends succumb to a then-mysterious illness, he became enraged at the slow response for help. Using this anger, he co-founded the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) and then the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) to respond to the devastation surrounding him. GMHC was for many years the largest provider of services to people living with AIDS. ACT UP became famous for its use of numerous public protests to draw attention to the growing epidemic, ultimately forcing the government and society itself to recognize and to act upon the growing spread of HIV/AIDS.

Kramer was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1988.

As we head into the week of World AIDS Day, we honor Larry Kramer, one of many important figures in the fight against AIDS and the stigma surrounding it.

To educate yourself on more about the history of AIDS, please visit:

And stay put on our social sites this week, as we and @caring.choices partner to share important resources and information for you to know your status.


World AIDS Day Campaign 

Art and Resilience in the AIDS community

Art remains one of the loudest and committed voices in the arena of AIDS prevention and awareness, most powerfully so during the early years of coming to understand the AIDS epidemic. When a creator places an issue beneath an artistic lens, we’re invited to experience the kind of beauty and resilience that can grow from painful circumstances, and we’re forced to talk about how those circumstances occurred in the first place.

While there are so many powerful artists who have helped and continue to bring national and global attention to the need for AIDS research, treatment, and prevention, we want to highlight the profound impact that NY graffiti artist Keith Haring has had with his work. Haring (who later passed from complications of AIDS) developed an instantly recognizable style that became synonymous with the cause. He used his work to advocate for safe sex, and the LGBT community, and upon his death, the Keith Haring Foundation was opened. This foundation provides funding and imagery to AIDS organizations and children's programs and continues to work to educate at-risk youth and the public on HIV and AIDS prevention.

For more on important artists within the AIDS community, please visit: https://visualaids.org/


Historical LGBT*Q+ Election, 2020

Highlighting the landslide victories for the LGBT*Q+ Community

Did you know that more LGBT*Q+ candidates ran for political office this year than in the history of the United States? Better political representation aids in protecting our rights as citizens! We wanted to take a minute and highlight a few of these incredible people working to show up and speak out:

Delaware: Sarah McBride has made history as becoming the highest-ranking transgender elected official, and the very first openly transgender person to serve in State Senate, defeating Senator Steve Washington. Other transgender women who won at the state-level include Taylor Smalls of Vermont and Stephanie Byers of Kansas.

Georgia: Kim Jackson has won in the Georgia State Senate this year, making her one of a growing number of Black LGBT*Q+ women senators to hold seats in political office. This makes Senator Jackson the first in Georgia to represent the LGBT*Q+ community, in a state sorely lagging in this area.

Florida: Michelle Raynor, has been elected to the Florida State House of Representatives— as a Civil Rights Lawyer within the state, she is well-known for taking on cases that involve racial and social justice. This includes her tireless work as a legal advocate for families of victims of police brutality. She plans to focus on affordable housing, stable living wages, and education, among other concerns.

Tennessee: Torrey Harris and Eddie Mannis have also made history as Tennessee’s first openly LGBT*Q+ elected candidates, both elected to the House of Representatives. Rep. Harris will represent Memphis, TN having received 78% of the votes for his district. The former Mayor, Rep. Eddie Mannis, will serve on behalf of Knoxville, TN. The two (Harris [Democrat] and Mannis [Republican]) have worked to find common ground in their campaigns, in order to serve their state together.

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you, to these officials advocating for our hard-fought rights. 

We will be highlighting these historic candidates throughout the week.


Writer's Spotlight

Wednesday, 8/28 at 7 pm we sit down with published poet, Chico State University grad student, and future professor of English, Alondra Adame. Alondra has read her work at 1078 Gallery, and is a brilliant speaker and writer on behalf of the Chicanx community, addressing issues surrounding race, culture, and negotiating your place within both. Tune in this Wednesday, for a brilliant talent among our writing community. 7 pm, 8/28 on KZFR 90.1.

KZFR Promotion for a radio show I cohosted


Chico Zinefest Promotion

Perzine by Amy Bureck

"...That night I ordered myself a pizza. The pizza you eat the night you quit your job tastes pretty good."
~Amy Burek, Issue 1
'Quit Your Job And Eat Pizza'
I loved every slice of this!
I had the privilege of tabling with Amy (@awkwardladies) at @deardiaryzinefest and heard her story firsthand of what it was like working in a pharmaceutical research lab, and why she decided to quit. Today I read it in two of her series of #perzines. Amy supports her story much like a scientist would, providing the reader with information on any topic she's diving into: zines, prescriptions, migraines, motherhood, printmaking, etc. Weaving her narrative with straight up facts gives support to a personal struggle, creating this beautiful balance of logic and emotion, in such small space. I can relate to her story in so many ways. Also... she had me thinking about pizza the rest of the  weekend, so here's to you, Amy!

🍕 Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with everyone 🍕


Chico Zinefest Promotion Cont'd

Tabler Spotlight of Ashley "Shewolf" Penning

"A wolf eats sheep but now and then; Ten thousands are devour'd by men. An open foe may prove a curse, but a pretend friend is worse."~John Gay.

From the shadow of the #ChicoCA vamps, @ashleympenning or "SheWolf" emerged. Ashley Penning's work involves a mix of edge, wit, sex, and above all, bite, and has rightfully earned her a respected reputation in our arts community. Be sure to wear your silver bullet stud collars, as she's coming full force this Saturday. Ashley, what are you cooking up for us #Zinesters?

"My zine is about becoming a werewolf... A lot of the time I’m just drawing things that I think are interesting or would be meditative to work on. I feel like lately the themes of my work have to do with reclaiming identity and my affection for nature and wildness.

Thank you! Excited for Saturday." Right on, SheBeast! We look forward to your work as always. 


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